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  1. Hey “Road-trippers”!! Greetings from the Pickel’s!!! I know you’ve got your “plan” for the trip but in case you want to meander off the the “plan”…remember “The Field of Dreams”!! Dyersville, Iowa – East of Des Moines, and if you time it just right….you can swing by my Aunt Ann’s for Rhubarb pie – there is not finer cook – and you can make it to mass at St. Mary’s in Manchester! She’d love that!!

    Hi Olivia & Helen!! This is Jacqueline! Love the pictures! Sounds like you guys are having some fun! For camp Don Bosco i just got my riding boots. i am breaking them in – it might take me awhile!
    keep sending the pictures – “Bitsy” sure is cute!

    • Thanks for the ‘Field of Dreams’ suggestion Keri – you never know. . . Aunt Ann’s rhubarb pie and Mass at St. Mary’s sounds pretty wonderful too! And Jacqueline – thanks for the hello! Good luck with your boots. Helen and Olivia are breaking in new boots too. We hope they may even get to try them out on horses here in SLC in the next day or two!

  2. Kel, what an insanely ambitious road trip you have planned! Unbelievable….and I want to do that trip someday, too. So thank you for doing the ‘road’ work and working out the kinks ;). Blessings to you all from the Cowans xxxx

    • We’d love to share all of our travel notes with you – it would be the kind of grand adventure I can imagine your energetic and creative family taking! Either that or spending a year on a sheep ranch in Australia!! Although I have to say – each time I catch a glimpse of you all on Facebook – you don’t need to travel far to create wonderful experiences for your family to share. Sending love to all! XO

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